Epson Reset Keys


Epson Reset Keys

Status on the Printer Red-eye Correction, Computer and / or Printing Combinations will show one of the following errors:

– Service Required.
– A printer ink pad is at the end of its services life. Please contact Epson Support
– Parts inside printer end service life
– waste ink pad counter overflow error
– Printer near end service life
– printer end of service life
– Parts inside printer near end service life
– Parts inside printer end of service life
The printer must be reset to use
Step 1: Open the printer and delete all print jobs stored on the machine.
Step 2: Open the WIC software and select the printer.
Step 3: Click on Read counters to check the printer counter.
Step 4: Click Reset waste counters.

Step 5: Type in the reset key here and press OK to reset the printer. When the software finishes running, click OK again.

Step 6: Turn off the printer and turn it back on.


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