Guide color inkjet printer resets overflow Epson R1400


Guide color inkjet printer resets overflow Epson R1400

Recognize overflow: Two paper and ink lights alternate.
If the customer is using the printer R1400 epson, when a memory overflow, please download the software link:Epson R1400 printer reset software

After downloading the file we get a compressed file name (Resetter R1400.rar), compressed into 4 files including the file AdjProg.exe, we click on the AdjProg.exe files to run the program (shown below)

Step 2: Click Accept on the picture, the next communication

Step 3: Click on Particular adjustment mode as shown below:

Step 4: Press 2 in the waste ink pad counter as shown above, the picture below:

Step 5: Check the 2 small squares as shown above

Then click on Initialization, then press OK, the software will reset the printer when prompted to turn off the printer, then turn on the printer and restart the printer, such as the steps to reset the printer. accomplished.

There are also a number of software guides. Reset the Epson printer ink overflow counter (memory). The flashing of two red lights is always the rule, Wish you success.

New adjustment programs are available Skype : Reset Printer

Email : [email protected]


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