Guide overflow reset epson printer T50, T60


Guide overflow reset epson printer T50, T60

Status: Two paper and ink lights alternate flashing (chasing each other).
Cause: Machine overflow counter

If customers are using the printer series Epson T50, T60. In case of memory overflow please download the software link: Download here and follow the instructions:

Step 1: After download the file link to the computer, You unzip and double click on the AdjProg.exe file to run the program (Figure below)

Step 2: After running the AdjProg.exe files we get the following interface:

Step 3: You click on the word Acrostic, the next interface

Step 4: Click on Particular adjustment mode as shown below:

Step 5: Select Waste ink pad counter -> OK as shown above, below:

Step 6: Mark the 2 small squares as shown above

Step 7: Then click on Initialization, click OK, the software will reset the printer and prompts you to turn off the printer, then turn off the printer and restart the printer, such as reset steps printer is finished.
Note: The software only works on Win XP or Win 7

New adjustment programs are available Skype : Reset Printer

Email : [email protected]


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