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Manual resetting some popular printer models
There are many models of printers can use the method of reset counter in the manner will guide reset counter Epson L800 the rest of the model has the same way you read carefully followed by practice. Good luck!
1. Download counter reset software: download link
Note: Please follow these steps before downloading the software.
o Turn off (or exit) all AV programs, if not shut off, then remove (remove) and then reset when finished.
Keep only the USB connector of the printer that needs to be reset, and then pull it out for easy handling. Of course, you have to leave the mouse and keyboard if you do not want to continue, then withdraw :).
o After performing the above steps, download the software and unpack it.
o Check the file to change the system date and time on the computer? You can look in the files with the * .bat or * .txt file or on the website some software with the date next to the download. If the software has a date in the files above then the date and time in the computer must be changed so that the same in the remaining files are not changed.
o One last thing for Windows XP is to run ok and other windows (Win 7, Win 8) must be software running in Windows XP Mode to run on XP right click on the file .exe file is here (AdjProg.exe) -> Properties -> Compatibility in the Compatibility mode check this box in compatibility mode for … then select Windows XP.

Step instructions to reset Epson L800

Step 1: Run the AdjProg.exe file Open the Accept dialog box

Step 2: Select the item in the dialog box opens just note that Port is the printer that needs to reset. After selecting the port click OK. Select Particular adjustment mode.

Step 3: Click on Waste ink pad counter then click OK

Step 4: In the next step you just check the two Main pad countre box and Platen pad counter. Then click Initialization. The last two dialog boxes will appear. You just need to double-click it then turn off the printer and resume printing your job again.
The steps above are pretty detailed if you still can not reset or reset the error, do the steps from the beginning. Please try again a few times before asking questions and refer to more Common mistakes when resetting counter.

Reset Epson L800
Reset Epson L800

New adjustment programs are available Skype : Reset Printer

Email : [email protected]



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