sscserve.exe SSC Service Utility


sscserve.exe SSC Service Utility 

SSC Service Utility allows you to perform different tasks with your Epson printer. With this tool you can reset or rewrite any chip using a special addon device, freeze internal ink counters, reset internal ink counters even with empty cartridges, reset protection counter (even when it is already full), and more. This allows many people with high printing demands to save some money (the program works with both black and color cartridges).

The application works under Windows 95/98/ME/2K2/XP, with both the LPT and USB printers, and supports more than 100 different Epson printers.

Installing and opening the software:

If you have not already downloaded the program .

Install Software ( sscserve.exe ) by double clicking on the ‘Set Up’ file you downloaded.

When Installed, Click on the [Start Button] on your computer desktop, then click on [Program Files] or [Programs] and select SSC Service Utility from the list. This will open the program.

Click on the [Configuration] tab and select your printer from both the [Installed Printers] and [Printer Models] lists.

Please Note: Some models are listed with an ‘x’ in the model number, this means that the ‘x’ can be a variety of numbers, for example, if you had an Epson C44 printer the selection for you would be the one that looks like this ‘C4x’. This is because the selection is the same for the C42, C44 & C46 printers.
Also for R265 users, your printer isn’t listed so select the R270 with this version (v4.3) until a newer version is available, I’ve been told this works.

Now close the program and it will continue to run in your Task Bar on your computer desktop.

You can now click the right mouse button on the icon in the Task Bar to use the menu you require.

Using the SSC Service Utility software, tips and advice:
If your printer is giving warnings that your printer is due maintenance, this usually means that the printer has counted the amount of prints you’ve printed and reached a limit, which is set in the printer hardware.
The printer will stop completely after a certain amount of prints (overflow), normally requiring you to take your printer to an Epson dealer for servicing and resetting.
The service maintenance that would then be carried out is the draining / replacement of the ink pad that catches all the waste ink and resetting of the protection counter.
The ink pad replacement may be unnecessary, as this is rarely full when the maintenance messages appear. Therefore, the only requirement now is to reset the counter which will then release your printer hardware and start counting your prints from zero once more.

If the printer has passed the maximum prints and you’ve continued printing throughout the warnings, after the ‘overflow’ amount of prints, it will lock out completely giving you two flashing lights on your printer which you can’t reset without this software or without pressing a sequence of buttons.

If you are just receiving ‘maintenance needed’ messages:
The ‘Protection Counter’ will need to be reset, this is under the menu listing of [Protection Counter]
Click on [Reset protection counter].

You will be asked “Has the ink pad been replaced”? Click [Yes] or [OK] to this, even if you do not wish to replace the ink pad at this time.
Your printer should now be ready for use as it was when brand new.


If you are completely locked out:
First, you will normally need to [Clear counter overflow] under the menu listing of [Protection Counter].

You will then need to use the [Soft reset] utility on the menu under [Extra]. Wait about 5 minutes for the printer to reset.
This will reset your printer and stop the lock out.

Then [Reset protection counter] under the menu listing of [Protection Counter].

You will be asked “Has the ink pad been replaced”? Click [Yes] or [OK] to this, even if you do not wish to replace the ink pad at this time.
Your printer should now be ready for use as it was when brand new.
Restart your printer & computer if necessary.

Other Utility Features:
This utility also has other features such as separate colour cleaning and deep cleaning. However, not all printers will have access to other features within this software.
Beware of the deep cleaning, this is for very bad clogging on the heads through prolonged lack of use and uses nearly half a cartridge of ink from all colours to clear the blockages.

You can also carry out your nozzle checks and other normal utility functions using this software. Use it separately to your normal Epson printer software and close the program from the taskbar once you have finished with the utility.

The program will shut off when you shut your computer down and will not run again unless selected from your programs list or desktop shortcut (if you chose to have one on installation).

Because the software has unknown features meant for printer engineers, your antivirus program may see it as a threat, just tell it to ignore it.

Soft Reset:
This sorts out a multitude of problems.
Some printers are designed to stand alone as well as work with a computer, therefore they have 2 different software programs controlling them, 1 within and 1 from the computer. This can sometimes throw up a continuous problem or rejection when an error occurs. Control from the computer is always the best form of printer control as there is so much more you can do with the diversity of the computer as opposed to the set built in software in the printer.
So when a cartridge circuit fails, your printer will recognise this and tell you of a problem. Unfortunately, printers don’t have the extra facility of ‘error message clearing’ and may keep showing the same error from that point on unless the printer ‘firmware’ is reset in some way.
With the service utility provided on this disk, there are extra functions that can be used for full control of your printer, depending on the model and level of support supplied for that model. One such useful tool is ‘Soft Reset’, this will reset anything in the printer ‘buffer’ (storage area) and the built in software (firmware). This will normally set your printer back to its default settings.
To find Soft Reset, click the right mouse button on the SSC Service Utility icon which will be running in the blue task bar at the bottom of your desktop screen, then select ‘Extras’. There you’ll find ‘Soft Reset’.
When you click the left mouse button on the soft reset, it will take a few minutes to reset so the best advice to give is to go and make a cup of tea once you’ve selected it and do absolutely nothing to the computer or printer for at least 5 minutes. Make sure the printer is completely silent (not operating) before closing any programs or switching off the printer.
Now shut down the computer, switch off the printer, unplug the printer for 2 minutes, plug in the printer, switch the printer on & start up your computer.

Your printer should now be reset completely with all previous tasks, errors and set-ups forgotten by the printer.

New adjustment programs are available Skype : Reset Printer

Email : [email protected] 


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